If one requires Islamic funeral services due the unfortunate event of death, please contact: Brother AbuBakar Abdulmanaf at (360) 459-7268. Or just come down to the Masjid and ask the Amir or the Imam for guidance. In the meantime, here are some tasks that can be performed:

  • Inform the family of the deceased ASAP
  • Complete the Burial Service Form (Vital Information Form) .  
  • Close the eyes of the deceased gently and Make dua for the deceased
  • Close the mouth of the deceased – the mouth and jaws should be tied together gently with piece of cloth
  • The body should be covered
  • The body should be straight
  • The feet should be tied together
  • Recite: “Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un” (To Allah we belong and to Him is our return)
  • Hasten in preparation of the deceased for his/her burial
  • Strive to pay of any DEBT of the deceased with his/her own wealth. If the dceased did not leave any wealth, then one may voluntarily pay the debt off for the deceased.

Please have any information pertaining to the deceased readily available especially if the above form has not been completed yet when you arrive at the Masjid.